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LMB talk from yesterday

Notes and rambling from the talk/signing by Lois McMaster Bujold

cindygerb and I went to see Lois McMaster Bujold. It was great fun. From her new book, tentatively "The Hallowed Hunt", She read a very interesting scene about someone (as near as I can tell) being invested with the spirit of a wolf and then grumbling about it afterwards. It contained stronger material than I would expect at a reading but no one seemed to take it overly amiss. It takes place in the world of Chalion but in a location similar to post-Charlemagne Germany. She's not sure if it fits in the timeline before or after Curse and Paladin but "probably before due to the tech-level". She's thinking that the book will be done in about a year and that she is trudging through the muddled middle right now. She muttered about having a set of five books set in this world, one for each of the gods but suggested that she's doing the easy ones first and if she can't find a story and a character for the others, they won't get written.
In response to some of the questions, she does talk about her writing style some. For her, she needs both a character and an idea. She has ideas a plenty, it's the compelling characters that she doesn't always have available. Asked if there will be more Miles stories, she said that she's not sure since she needs something to drive the story. It seems like the kids would do that but then, I don't write fiction. She also said that "something" really does need to happen to Ivan. Finally, the story of Miles wedding will be in "Winterfair Gifts" in a collection of science fiction and romance stories due out in April of 2004. It's supposed to have a number of big name Romance authors in it and should sell well for that. And finally2, she decided that she liked the cover to Paladin of Souls so much that the oil original now hangs in her home.
And, Randall, I told her the "Trust Lois" story.
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