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Bowling last friday

Well, we went bowling last Friday. It consisted of elphie, jw1776, jenk, aekajin2, cindygerb, and myself. It went pretty well on the smoke level for most of it, it was only in the last half of the third game that it got bad. Next time if we can make it 30 minutes earlier, we should be able to handle that. As for the actual bowling, suffice it to say that elphie kicked all our butts, starting out the night with a Turkey (three strikes in a row).
After the bowling, we all went to Stella's, an Italian place that is now just open very late rather than 24 hours, *sniff*. Some of us got full dinners, some of us got dessert. I had the pasta of the week (rotini) in a roasted garlic aioli along with Stella's stellar garlic bread. This is garlic bread good enough that cindygerb is willing to tempt the itchiness from the yeast in the bread to have a small amount, sometimes. She did tell me she could smell garlic on my breath for the next 24 hours.
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