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Ringo and other stuff

So, folks might've been wondering how Ringo is doing. Well, he went in for his ultrasound and the adrenal cancer is confirmed and on his right adrenal. Considering that it's near his vena cava and behind *all* the organs and because he's responding well to Lupron, we're not going to operate for now. He's going to continue on the Lupron shots once a month for now.

In other news:
  • It seems LJ has done some fix to the style I'm using since it is now properly titled "Romp, romp, romp, romp, romp, Hey!". Before, it had just been named "A Ferret Balanced Journal" which is just the name of my entries.
  • I love work when I work all afternoon to get a fix in so that another group will be happy and then when it finally rolls out, it mysteriously does nothing. It all worked fine in QA, there should be now way that it can run and produce neither a) an error or b) data. So, we got to roll it back. Delight all around.
  • phaedra_lari pointed out that if one has a Seattle Public Library card then one can access the OED online from the SPL website. This makes for a very happy Torin.
  • Something *very* not work-safe from grrwoo but very, very amusing.
  • tyrsalvia linked to an article on 100% Effective Injectable Male Birth Control. I'm *so* there. 'Course it will take forever for the FDA to approve it but I can deal with a trip to Vancouver, BC every 3–4 months.
  • quislibet graces us with De clunibus magnis amandis oratio. "Baby got Back" translated into Latin and back. Be careful of flying drink contents on this.
  • An Entry from the delightful Vocabula Review, "Singular They: The Pronoun That Came in from the Cold". I'm not sure where that is from but probably linguaphiles.

This didn't start out to be a list of links but it seemed to've turned into that. Oh well. We're off to the Grind.
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