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Where have I been?

I'm not quite sure why I haven't been posting much (much? try "at all". bozo) but I do notice that my allergies are doing much better and I'm posting tonight. I was too blasted from allergies to go into work on Monday or Tuesday. They don't seem to be too sympathetic with needing to lay down for 30 minutes every two hours even if I could've gotten work done.

On news like fronts, I played my first session of Changeling last night. It was lots of fun with elphie as the Storyteller and many local LJ people as players. Since it was set in high school, I was having difficulties coming up with a character that would be fun to play. After going through a number of different ideas, I finally came up with a ferret pooka that definitely seems to've worked.

Work has been "fascinating" in the chinese-curse sense. We, as IS dev, will be going to 24x7 on call support as of Friday at 6p. calloo. callay. it will be delightful to carry a pager again. really. Still. Work hasn't "felt" as bad lately but I can't tell you why.

I am dating this as of last week so that I'll be able to post entries that I wanted to post in the past week but I haven't for some reason.

More to come after the Grind.
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