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General Notices / The Picture of Everything

(And now you can't seem to shut him up…)

As most people seem to know by now, comments aren't getting out very quickly from posts. They are 10–15 hours delayed if they come in at all. I'm looking for comments on my posts but if you comment back on something someplace else, you can send me e-mail to tell me so I can answer it if you want me to.

Also, I went back and tried to read things but I didn't make it through the weekend without running out of time. I saw some stuff but I know I missed much more. So, if you posted something after 4p on Friday and before midnight Sunday, it's quite possible that I haven't seen it.

At some point soon, I'm going to be posting a list of links. Mostly for me but you folks can use it too. It will be long enough that most people won't want to look at all of it but that's okay. *I* know what's there. :)
Part of the point of this is that the link to The Picture of Everything can't wait. I was delighted and spent entirely too much time there...
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