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Puppies, Buses, and Eris

So, our next-door neighbor to the North said that she saw our puppy, Sally, ranging about free yesterday. This shouldn't be happening and so I looked around to see if I could find any holes. Without some deeper exploring, I couldn't find anything and thought it might've been an anomaly. So, I finish getting ready for work and I'm walking down the hill to the bus stop. And here Sally comes, running along beside me. I call her over to me and we walk back to the house. I hook her up to the run that we have for her in the back. We try not to hook her up to that since it's better for her to be able to ranger over the whole yard but we don't have a choice in this case.
The only places I can think that the holes might be would be in the depths of the blackberry patch or behind a set of bushes including holly. (You might guess why I didn't look in these places at first.)

Well, after hooking up Sally, I was resigned to getting into work late even though I'd left on time. I went back down the hill and no Sally came to greet me. This was a good thing. I went across and waited at the bus stop. The bus, just then, shows up. And somehow, I was still on time. It's good to be watched over by Eris.
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