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Thoughts and Food...

There are probably jobs that are more frustrating than being an ADD doctor. I'm not sure what they would be though.

I tried the new "Reese's Inside Out" where the peanut butter is on the outside. There is more of a peanutbuttery taste to it and it tastes pretty decent. It is, of course, overly sugary since it's candy. They also use palm kernel oil as the thing to make the peanut butter keep its shape. Overall, it's good but nothing to threaten my diet with.

In other news, I'm very glad to've finally gone to Pioneer Square and picked up a poppy-seed apple danish. It was problematic, my bus stop was right outside of this place that had poppy-seed danishes that looked really good. Unfortunately, they didn't open until 10a so I couldn't buy the thing. I kept meaning to get back down there and I kept failing. Different things just kept coming up. But finally. I have attained poppy-seed goodness!

Finally, from the understatement of the week department. There's an article that intrepid_reason pointed to a Coronal Mass Ejection that is hitting us from about noon today through sometime tomorrow morning. They talk abut the various problems that occur when something like this happens and mention "You probably don't want to do a space walk when a solar storm is predicted." That's like saying it might be a bad idea to take an ultralight glider into the clouds of Isabel.
That's even more fascinating. I'm pretty sure that I'm looking at the same article but the various understatements from this morning seem to be missing now. It says that it was post at 6.02p EDT. Yet I read it at about 1p PDT (or 4p EDT). So, they evidently replaced the article pointed. Interesting...
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