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The fun we had

So, we started the trip out right by finding a parking spaces labeled 5A–23. Something very easy to remember. The flight out made me remember clearly while flying is uncomfortable for me. The seats just aren't big enough. Even getting an aisle seat doesn't help that much since the seat isn't tall enough and I can only do so much with my legs. cindygerb had an interesting revelation when she went to the bathroom. She came back and told me "I don't know how large people handle it." It seems that she'd bonked her head because the airplane bathroom was so small. I didn't bonk my head but that's because I expect things to be too small.

We got there without much of hitch although I don't know why the security guy had me take off my Teva sandals. How am I going to hide anything in them? Problems occurred when we went to Hertz and they didn't want to rent to us because we only had Debit cards. We hadn't needed anything else before this. Credit cards just cause trouble for me. While we were at Hertz, we were able to get directions to the hotel since I'd forgotten to get the directions. The nice man behind the Hertz counter did tell us that we could rent from Dollar Rent-a-Car. We called them and they had a nice Chrysler Sebring. Both Cindy and I liked the car throughout the trip.

Then we got to leave JFK Airport at rush-hour on a Friday. It wasn't too bad although it was a bit crowded at times. The GW Bridge though was much less crowded than I had expected. When we got to the hotel, things got interesting. Getting to the hotel from I-80 required 3 U-turns since each of the highways only exited in one direction. A bit confusing and I got each of the turns wrong the first time. Finally at the hotel, we collapsed even though it was only 9.30p eastern. If you subtract the hour or so that we stopped for food, it was about three hours from the car rental to the hotel. Phew.

The next day, Saturday, was the momentous event! We were going to see tactisle and shirleym get married. Yay!!!
We made it there with very few, if any, wrong turns and went in this mountain lodge. We were greeted by a number of people including the delightful couple. Some of the people didn't know us at all yet we were chatting up a storm quickly. Early on, Cindy and I were welcomed by salliesandbags. It was wonderful to meet her in the flesh. There's always something to being able to trade hugs with someone. I was amused that a number of people came up and told me that I was wolfieboy and then identified their lj usernames. This meant that I got to meet and hug cappyhead, podling, and humanx as well. It was a goodness. catling was also there being her nifty meganness. Oh, and we met some people from the old alts list as well.

It was a delight and a wonder to see Skyler (tactisle) and Shirley looking at each other and smiling and grinning. There was an excellent buffet and the champagne was excellent. There was a box of chocolates at each persons table and the cake was made by Shirley herself. Chocolate cake with a pomegranate-flavored icing coated in a chocolate ganache encrusted with pomegranate seeds.

The ceremony was low-key but powerful. I don't feel up to describing it adequately. After the nuptial couple left, pelted with birdseed, Cindy and I left as well. We went back to the hotel and slept for an hour. There was an after party at Skyler and Shirley's that we went to. It was a bit further than we thought it would be but quite enjoyable. We chatted with folks until late, helping clean up the kitchen some.

After we got back to the hotel, things didn't go well. Both Cindy and I started hacking up TMI things and in general feeling miserable. At about 4a, we realized that we weren't going to make it to iswari and blostopher's place. We called the front desk and extended our stay for another day at the hotel. Cindy definitely felt sick while I don't know if I was sick or just had bad allergies. I certainly wasn't producing the colors that Cindy was. Around 8p or so, we were feeling a bit better, so we went out looking for food. We found The Clay Oven. Really good Indian food. We were rather pleased. Afterwards, we were tired from our excursion and went back to the hotel. We packed and crashed.

Monday (today), we got up and left quickly, making it to the rental return much more quickly than we expected. Possibly it had something to do with leaving at 5a. It only took us about an hour to make it back. We then took the shuttle to the airport and during check-in, we were told that we could fly standby and take a flight that was three hours earlier. Nice bonus. We even got to sit together on the standby flight which we couldn't have done on our reserved flight. Flying together is a definite goodness. The flight was uneventful and we touched down in Seattle safely. We made it home to be greeted by cats, ferrets, and Sally.
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