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So, arctic_tundra told Cindy and I about an all you can eat sushi place that was actually good. Most AYCE places are decent but few are good. So, src and her partner Fish took cindygerb and I out to Sushi-Ten last night.
We sat at the sushi bar and ordered lots of different stuff. All of it was good; the eel was just about utter perfection. This place is at the level of a good sushi restaurant which is far above most other AYCE places. Each piece was freshly made rather than it being made and left out. We were kept in constant supply of oocha and water.
A nice touch was that when another group of people came in to sit at the bar, they brought out another sushi chef. Nice Service. We'll definitely be back...

Oh. Edit for phaedra_lari: It's at 2217 140th Ave, NE; Bellevue, the shopping center at 24th and 140th, just west of the 148th St exit of 520. And for dinner at least, the AYCE sushi is $21.95..
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