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Fake Mastercard ads, odd spam, Berkeley DB 4.1

Several very disconnected topics.

I found this link to fake MasterCard ads in my notes file. The link itself is work-safe but many of the links from there are not. I don't know where I got this from.

I wonder about spammers that send out spam advertising anti-spamware. Why would anyone trust it or use it? It seems like in the middle of being burgled, the burglar tries to sell you a home security system.

It seems that one of the latest tactics of spam is to put the spam interspersed with random quotes. I'm not quite sure of the effect that's being tried for here.

I was running the verification tests for Berkeley DB 4.1. I'm going to be installing it on the production mail and web server at home. The docs say that it will take from several hours to a few days to complete. They weren't kidding. It took a shade over 72 hours to test everything. When I looked at what was happening, it was understandable. As part of the test suite, it runs 101 different test scripts for each of the access methods — btree, hash, queue, queueext, recno, rbtree, frecno, and rrecno. This doesn't include the more general tests. Phew. Well, that's all better.
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