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TMI and embarassment

A friend on LJ recently asked who they could ask "the most ultra-personal, TMI-laden, ubersequestered, potentially-offensively sekrit questions" of. The response was a bit more than expected, so it could take a while to get to me…

I wonder what questions might be asked since frequently the questions asked can reveal more about the questioner than the questionee.

I'm not overly worried about the questions. For me, there is pretty much nothing that is TMI (too much information). I always have this yearning desire to know as much as possible about as many things as possible. It's amazing the times that an obscure bit of knowledge has come in handy. The only time I can recall "not wanting to know" is when someone did a scrotal infusion scene at the spot. (Do I even need to mention that the link is not work safe?) It wasn't the actual infusion but the big-ass needle stuck in the guys balls.

Really, my biggest problem is not understanding that boundary with other people. A statement that I feel I have to make far too often is "Oh. I was over-sharing again, wasn't I?"

It's also exceedingly hard to embarrass me. I've been embarrassed only twice that I can recall since 1986. The first was in '86 when a friend was talking around and subject and finally came out and said that she had shaved her delightful bits. I've learned a little since then. The other was from Cindy in the early '90s but I don't actually recall why I was embarrassed then.

Oh. And questions. Just about anything about my life is an open book. There is very little that I mind sharing. Where it impinges upon others, I ask permission first. But if it's just me, I've got no problems with sharing away. Usually more than they wanted.

Note that I'm not trying to brag here even if it sounds like that to me. I'm just noting down some thoughts about myself. I'm also not explicitly asking people to attempt to TMI, embarrass, or out-question me. Feel free if you want to though.
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