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Animal Update

So, I chatted with the Animal Control officer via voice-mail and she has excluded Sally from the list of dogs that could've bitten this man. I was still told that I needed to get a Seattle license to have her and that if I didn't get it by the 2nd, that we'd be fined as well. So, that went without a hitch although we've got to get documentation that Sally has been neutered.

Droolpuss is eating better. He now just looks really thin rather than emaciated and sickly. We feed him anything he'll eat. Lately he's been enjoyed white turkey meat quite a bit. He's still eating the sensitive stomach cat food and not leaving presents of it for us on the rug.

Kitaya went in to see Dr. Deeb since she was limping on her right rear leg. It turns out that she doesn't have anything strained or broken, it's just arthritis. She was given some pain meds and they took blood to do a geriatric panel on her. Dr. Deeb said that Kitaya is doing remarkably well for an 18 year-old cat. About the only problem is that her cholesterol is a little high. We like good news.

P.S. I've started working on the shielding post for the heavy woo-woo filter and will finish it Wednesday. It's not ready yet...
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