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Pity Party, No Waiting

cindygerb and I don't have weekends to ourselves. I don't mean that we don't get to spend them alone, we don't get to spend them together. Cindy does customer service for a company that's up 24x7. So, she works a half hour later than her normal weekday hours. Her "weekend" is Thursday and Friday. I, on the other hand, have a more common work schedule of Monday to Friday with Saturday and Sunday as my "weekend".

This means that we can never just lounge around in bed together, enjoying waking up with each other, knowing we don't have to go anywhere. One of us always has to go to work.
This means that we never get an entire day together. We get the time coming in to work together and evenings. Oh, and we have 1–2 minute conversations during the day to hear the other person's voice and confirm that the other person is okay.

It's not quite that bad since my company has put most of our furlough days on a Friday, we've had those days together. And there are sometimes holidays. Although since she was told that since she was home for Thanksgiving, she is working Christmas.

This is just a general complaint. There's nothing that can really be done about it, so I was reluctant to post it. Oh well, too bad. My journal.
Title of this post thanks to a friend. He should visit Seattle again.
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