December 12th, 2005


Resurrection of the X-Windows box / 14th Anniversary / Weekend Update

So, I was able to get my X-Windows box up again. I thankfully had a spare graphics card laying around and plugged that in. Once I did that, everything worked again. Somehow, the video card going took out the network capability as well.

In other news, the housefilk at runnerwolf's was fun. It was good to meet many people and listen to their music. I was also able to borrow At All Costs by David Weber from k_crow. This was very good and keeps me from buying it in hardback.

cindygerb and my 14th Anniversary was this weekend. We met at Dim Sum in DC 14 years ago. Yay!
It's a start at least. :)

The Dim Sum this weekend was rather odd. We only had 15 people. Considering that in past years, in December, we've had around 30 people, this was rather odd. But it wasn't just us. The restaurant was also rather empty. Normally, there are people waiting for tables when we leave. This time, there were still three large tables that had not been used at all.

Finally, last night anansi133 and caroline452 helped me carry in two more 79½" bookcases. Well, they carried in and I opened doors and such. I wrenched my shoulder getting the bookcases from Ikea. Thank you very much! We then proceeded to play Killer Bunnies and they were greatly amused.