December 27th, 2005


Help with translating...

So, a long while back, cindygerb and I had this idea to put a sign by the door that said "Did you remember to dress?" in as many languages as possible. Somehow this got a bit derailed. I'm not sure why but that doesn't keep me from reviving it now.

I translated that sentence to and from some of the various languages there. I only did the Western European languages because those were the only ones that I knew I could render in HTML 4.0 entities. If anyone knows how to go from the glyphs that altavista/babelfish or google uses to unicode number entries, I'd love to know.

What I'd -really- like though is for those of you that know the languages in question better (more colloquially) than the translation engines to look over these translations and see if they make sense. Sometimes I used "Did you remember to clothe?" when the reverse translation came out better.

In Chinese:
(given by bride)

Auf deutsch:
Erinnertest du dich anzuziehen?
(changes by hobbitblue and juuro)

En español:
¿Recordaste vestirte?
(changes by l2g and isolt)

en Esperanto:
Ĉu vi memoris vestiĝi?
(given by l2g)

Na vosa vaka-Viti:
O iko a nanuma na vakaisulu?
(given by namosi)

Muistitko pukeutua?
(given by juuro)

En français:
As-tu rappelé de vêtir?
(changes by lysana)

In italiano:
Ti sei ricordato di vestirti?
(changes by soul_in_flames)

In Japanese:
(given by isolt)

In het Nederlands:
Heb je je aangekleed?
(changes by soul_in_flames)

Em português:
Você recordou vestir-se?

På Svenska:
Kom du ihåg att klä på dig?
(given by a_lost_marianne)

yn Gymraeg:
Cofioch gwisgo?
(given by marnanel)

Are you dressed?

Oh, and if you happen to know "Did you remember to dress?" or "Did you remember to clothe? (yourself)" in other languages than dutch, french, german, italian, portuguese, or spanish, that would be good too. I figure that a few different people speak gaelic (scots or other stripe), swedish, or esperanto. I'll be looking up the lojban tonight probably. It's been a while and so I don't have it even remotely in my head anymore. I may make an attempt at the Japanese but I expect to fail there.

See the next post to see what I have so far.