January 8th, 2006


collected bits

Here's a couple things that I wanted to post about but didn't get around to for separate entries:

As part of the gift exchange sponsored by featherynscale, lexpendragon got me some blue/purple thermographic Smart Putty. I already tried putting it into the freezer but it didn't change color from room temp. It tells me that my hands are warm though. His present also included an Acrobot that cindygerb is having fun with as well.

As inspired by rollick, I am keeping a list of books and movies I've read/watched in 2006. Starting it early and not being too ambitious in the format is a good idea. One thing that I thought about that this doesn't track is why I've chosen to read what I have. For example, I'm not quite up to reading A Feast of Crows yet even though cindygerb has finished it. It will probably be next though.