January 16th, 2006


Rambly bits

  • My bus today had an advertisement that said that it has WiFi on the bus. That's really nifty as well as really odd. It's similar to the first time that I saw a 5-pack of writable DVDs in the checkout line at Fred Meyer's.
  • I've noticed that at this time of the year, I read more mass-sized paperbacks than other times of the year. I've traced this down to a mass-sized paperback pocket in my raincoat. Much easier than worrying about getting my book in and out of my backpack or getting my book wet.
  • From mactavish, The Grammarian's Five Daughters by Eleanor Arnason. Very nifty and logophilic.
  • In the future, I know that I need to be sure and schedule all day Advanced Civilization games when it is not a Con weekend. We're planning the next one for the 8th of April which is the weekend before Norwescon. I may need to try to track down another copy of Advanced Civilization to accommodate the people that will be showing up.
  • An article from New Scientist titled Take a Leap into Hyperspace. They're not saying that there is enough there to actually do it yet but the persons other theories have been very good and it looks promising. This could change a few things.
  • I'm now reading 1633 by Eric Flint and David Weber. I don't think the writing is as good as in 1632 but I really like where they're going in terms of "What happens when people in the past read about what is supposed to happen and act on that knowledge?" I'm looking forward to where they go with this.

How odd. LJ cut off the last little bit of this post. I put it back on again though.