January 22nd, 2006


Last Night's concert

Last night at the concert continued to do good things for me. I've been a bit down lately, not just from overwork but from a variety of other things too. I think the concert last night was enough of a spark to get me on the good side again. I think I can stay there now that I'm here again. It can just be difficult to get to sometimes.

Thanks to inaurolillium, I now know that SJ Tucker has an LJ at s00j. Reading that journal, I find an entry about last night as well as a picture. She wasn't quite that blurry in person. I still want those pants she is wearing, only in my size. It's annoying that they don't make men's clothing like that.

I'm assuming that folks likely know about gaiaconsort if they know about the band but it doesn't hurt to mention them. If you visit, feel free to ask to listen to either gaiaconsort or s00j. I've no problems being a pusher. :)
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