January 25th, 2006


Me, with small glasses

Me, with small glassesAt one point, after I had taken off my glasses, seanmcguire said that I had "cheekbones that could cut cheese" and rubylou told me that I should take her along the next time I go shopping for glasses. She told me that I shouldn't have glasses that hide my cheekbones.
Well, earlier today, while the plan had not been to stop at a glasses shop, some of our workgroup went on a "field trip". There were some cute glasses in a shop named Ottica and so, we all went in. We all tried on glasses and I decided to try out some with small frames. That would be the picture to the left. Oh, and I'm not the one that took the picture (obviously), so I didn't see what the background was before this.

On the way back from the shop to work, we passed a parking enforcement jeep with a ticket on it. It was parked illegally, so it's possible it was actually ticketed rather than just someone leaving their own ticket there.