January 26th, 2006

needs smile

Dancing and Feet

I generally get to really dance at the Grind about once or twice a month since I'm the opening DM for it. Even though I can and sometimes do dance after my shift, it's not the same. Once I get into Monitor mode, it's really difficult to get out of it again. The problem tonight was that my feet were cramping from doing things they're not used to. Dancing will help. Hopefully, the DDR can help.

I do notice the I generate/collect a lot of energy (in a woo-woo sense) when I'm dancing and much of what I do when dancing are moves to dissipate the energy I have.

In other news, I seem to finally not have the headache that I've had off and on for about two and half days. I don't usually get headaches for that long. I wonder if it's normal for my temple to be tender when I have a headache.