February 1st, 2006


Power Outage, Screwy Mice, and Reading fiction

We had a power outage last night. According to the log files, it was between 3.50a and 9.30a. This was a time when it was a good thing that my jaw hurt and woke me up. I noticed that the clock wasn't on and figured out about the power outage. The winds were both strong and hungry last night. There were four large areas in King County without power. Later, at work, I hit the webserver to verify that the house had power again.

In losing power, I had to restart X-Windows. I upgraded X and somehow X is confused about my trackball. I specifically tell it that it has 7 buttons (the scroll wheel is 2 of them). But X insists that there are 11. I'm not sure where the other four are. Buttons 4, 5, 10, and 11 aren't anywhere that I can figure. It's an IntelliMouse Explorer Trackball. I don't know that I'd use four more buttons but I'd at least like to know where they're at.

I was wondering about not reading much non-fiction lately. I realized that with my jaw likely to flare up so that I can't do much, I'd prefer to read fiction. I read fiction for fun and I can get a general idea of what is happening. In most non-fiction, I wast to read for retention. That's much more difficult when one is distracted by one's jaw…