February 4th, 2006


Voice Post:

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“Hi those ... accually come through considering that some of the cell towers are down as well. We're having a bit of a nasty windstorm here in Seattle with power out EVERYWHERE... or all sorts of places. Our house isn't actually without power, but all the stoplights *around* our house are without power. I hadn't quite appreciated the degree to which stoplights really do things, when, until you have to treat them as four-way stops. So traffic isn't going *anywhere* and it's just a bit frustrating.

So I'm still trying to get to this key lunch and then I'm going to be going to a birthday party and then... [sigh] well, not the best day to be driving around but we do what we can. So this should all be interesting and I'm amazed that this actually worked.”

Transcribed by: urox