February 23rd, 2006

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Self Dis-Organization

I've let myself get dis-organized internally and I need to do something about this. I think I am going to take up meditating again and possibly do a few minor fasts.

Lately, I haven't had time for much other than work and getting the bare minimum done. That's just not acceptable. I want/need to do more than that. I haven't read much of my friends list for about two weeks and after posting daily until the 11th of this year. Since then I've posted three times; I don't count my annoucement or leme posts. There are a number of things around the house that need to get done as well.

Meditation has always been a bit of a challenge with the ADD. Active meditation helps so that my body is doing something and my mind can be at ease. But it's still not easy. It's been rather worth it in the past though and I think it will be worth it again.

More interesting is going to be fasting, considering the problems that I've had over the past year or so with not eating affecting my mood. I'm sure that I'll be able to figure out something but we'll have to see how it goes.
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