March 14th, 2006


Hellos and Headaches

I accidentally fell into doing an experiment yesterday that I think I'll continue. It started just because I was saying "Hello" to people that I passed. After the third time that I consistently got a "Hi" back, I thought it was interesting. Since then, I've received five more "Hi"s and one "Hey". No one has said "Hello" back. cindygerb thinks this is because "Hello" is more formal but I'm not convinced. I'm going to continue this and see what happens.

Unrelated to that, I seem to've developed a headache that I've never had before. I hurt on both sides of my head in about the middle third of my brain but not in the center of my head between them; probably right behind Broca's area but on both sides.. It's also not affected at all by light. My normal headaches (that I don't get -that- much) are in the occipital lobe and the front of my frontal lobe. Here's a picture for those that have studied quite as much neurology. :)
It started yesterday morning really lightly almost as if my scalp hurt. But as the day wore on it got worse. It's made both concentrating and sleeping difficult. I wouldn't mind not sleeping so much if I could actually write or read non-fluff. Thankfully it hasn't gotten much worse since last night.
Note that I'm doing this to document it rather than sympathy or whining. That's why I used more technical terms that I would normally.
Gaia Online

Cancelled: Regular Gaming Night at Strangeland on March 15th at 7.00p

Yes, there will be gaming at StrangeLand. It's on Wednesday, March 15th at 7.00p. If you need directions to get here, please ask.

The following are the dates that I expect to gaming to happen for March and into April:
3–15 — gaming night at Strangeland CANCELLED on account of headache
3–22 — gaming night at Lunaverse (see happilymyself for details).
3–29 — gaming night at Strangeland
4– 5 — gaming night at Lunaverse (see happilymyself for details).

As you can see on here, happilymyself has decided to set up gaming at her place on the Wednesdays that it's not happening at Strangeland.

I've set up a mailing list to announce and discuss gaming. If you'd like a mailed announcement rather than just reading this post, say so and I'll add you...

In the past, we've played San Juan, Cricket Cricket, Carcassone (Hunters and Gatherers)/Carcassone (Medieval w/most expansions), Settlers/Seafarers/Cities & Knights of Catan, Apples to Apples, Nodwick, Fluxx, Chrononauts, ImaginIff, Falling, Snits Revenge, Awful Green Things, Illuminati, Lunch Money, Filthy Rich, Munchkin (with supplements), Killer Bunnies and others. It depends on what the folks that show up prefer as well as what they bring. Folks are welcome to bring their own games as well.

Note that many people _haven't_ played these games. Most of them are not overly complex and some can be taught on the fly. We do teach the rules before we play, so don't worry if the games aren't familiar.

It's okay to show up a little late to his since we usually play something light first, waiting for folks to show up.

Please feel free to show up. Bring snacks if you'd like although some snacks will be provided.