March 18th, 2006


Heaches and Sacred Space

So, in an interesting development on the headache front, my headache seems to be doing much, much better after participating in Sacred Space last night. It's not all the way better but it's definitely less painful than it has been. I don't have to spend most of my time and energy dealing with the pain. And I actually got a decent amount of sleep today without waking up from the pain. Yay!
I do think that it was the Sacred Space that helped and not just the focusing by the Florida Water. I think another little bit of work that a different friend did last night also help but in a more subtle way. Definitely doing much, much better.

I'm still planning on going in for the MRI on Monday though. It's always good to be sure of these things.

P.S. Looking at the link for Florida Water is boggling. The idea of using it outside of sacred space just seems weird. Cologne?
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