March 20th, 2006


Weird Headache, the final hours

As the last bits of this weird headache dribble out, I find that I am very lucky for having the friends that I do. Not only did I have the ritual and post-ritual work that took care of this headache that nothing else could touch, but I even had a dear friend take on an obligation that I had on friday night. I enjoy discharging that obligation but I think the extra rest that I got really helped a lot to take care of this problem.

As I say in the subject line, this is likely the last hours of this headache. I'd say that the Sacred Space that I participated in on Friday took care of 80% of it and the other work that a friend did helped the other 20% trickle out over the last 2½ days. Yay! Having a brain back is very good.
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