March 31st, 2006

Wolfie 4 Ever

Being a bad correspondent

I've been a rather bad correspondent lately. I've just had no energy. It seems that I've been going to work, going home, taking care of minimal things and going to sleep.
Work hasn't been helping much in that they've decided to block as containing "Adult/Mature" content. Add to that that one of our Implementation Coordinators has gone on vacation, leaving me to run his meeting. Unfortunately, he didn't leave anyone running anything else, so I've been taking some of his other tasks today.

Finally, today, I was spending most of the day in meetings and I decided to take some of the small free time and go to a local net cafe and post.

What is with this "Current Location" in the Update Journal area? I usually use Logjam to update with so I haven't seen that. Where did it come from?

Note: Yes, I know I don't have to write or comment. But I want to. No entries for quite a while and only five or six comments in a week. That's not much...