June 23rd, 2006

friends, cuddly

Testing the post by mail feature

I'm testing out the post by mail feature of livejournal. This would
mean that I'd be able to post and be able to receive comments even if
I could read any posts or reply to any comments.

So, if at least one person could comment on this, I'd appreciate it.
More can comment if they want. I just want to know that it made it

The userpic should be 'friends' of the two cub wolves being friendly;
the tag should be 'livejournal'; the mood should be 'curious'; and the
music should be 'Carmina Burana (in my head)'. The LJ documention
doesn't mention the lj-location tag but I'm going to try to set it to
'work' and see what happens.

Oh, and this should be 'public' as well.
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