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August 22nd, 2006 - Trusting in the madness of strangers. — LiveJournal

August 22nd, 2006

August 22nd, 2006
11:35 pm
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Aargh. Saving Tabs for later is so easy but -so- dangerous.
I had a good forty or fifty tabs to reply to in firefox and I just lost most of them. This is from about the last two weeks or so. It's just so much easier to pop things into tabs and reply later. But my Session Saver didn't and the newest tab that's saved is from the 10th. So, if you're expecting me to comment on something, I likely won't unless you point it out to me.
It seems like the facial recognition thing going around crashes firefox. Oops.

In other news, cindygerb and I are going to gaaneden's tomorrow to look at and likely pick up a kitten. She has more. You should read about them here. Be warned of the cuteness. It's ferocious.

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