October 21st, 2006

needs smile

Fixing the Non-Social

I've been rather low energy for quite a while. I'm still going through some significant changes. But I can't let this non-social, only-pre-arranged-events lack of activity to continue. I'm going to reach out a bit more; my default just doesn't seem to be working. Time to take a more active part even if it takes some of my smaller store of energy. I think that by exercising more and socially interacting more, I will have more energy to do them because I'm doing them. My defaults just aren't working anymore.

Expect me to be posting a bit more too. Apologies to those I've been meaning to reply to and those I owe answers too. I'll try to do better; we'll see if I succeed. I've been down this road before and it just takes vigilance. (Hah! Just! Hah! Bzzzt…)