December 15th, 2006


Still out of power...

Well, we're still without power. Considering that we're among the
147,000 people that Seattle Public Utilities serves, this isn't
suprising. At least SPU is down to less than half of its customers
without power. Puget Sound Energy evidently has well over half
without power at 700,000.

So, as you might guess, is down. This means the e-mail,
lists, webpages, and DNS are all down. We're fine though and our
animals are fine. Oddly enough our phone is out. I don't know if
they're without power at the CO or if the actual lines are down. The
cellphone is accessible though.

Also, if you should want to send me e-mail, it'll have to be to
torin.darren at gmail dot com since normally, I route personal e-mail,
lj comments and the like through before it goes off to gmail.

Be safe; Be happy.