January 7th, 2007


Weather and kitties

The weather continues to be rather interesting here in Seattle. The winds are a bit strong, we had the lights flicker multiple times on Friday night. This freaks Sally out since she's afraid of the dark… This morning while I was downtown, I was really fighting the wind and I heard "Help! Oh, please Help!" and I turned the corner to find two people on the ground that the wind had knocked over. The gentleman seemed to be doing okay since he had a walker to stabilize himself while the lady was having a lot trouble with just her cane. I told her that I was there to help. She asked if I could get up and then looked up at me and realized that the wind wasn't going to knock me over. As I was helping them, some other people came over and helped as well. I let them continue since my bus was due any minute and hurried over to my bus stop. As the bus crossed the 520 floating bridge, it was really nifty to watch the waves cresting and crashing against each other. That's a lot of water. I've never figured out why the winds are always from the south. It's always the southern part of the 520 bridge that has the turbulence, not the north side.

As I write this, I hear Calliope crying for Droolpuss again. She's sure he's here somewhere, she just can't figure out where. We really did try to save him, Miss Calliope.