January 23rd, 2007

electrical play, fay

Knowing and oneness... (with some background)

Part of my theology says that before Time, the Infinite was One. Being All didn't give the Infinite anyone to talk to. So, the Infinite split itself into multitudes that only sometimes remember their Connection. So, the Infinite was no longer lonely.
I usually focus on the second part of that with the multitudes but something occurred/revealed to me tonight on the other side of that. The Infinite doesn't know All. It doesn't know -anything-. To know something suggests that there is something other than what is knowing. If the Infinite encompasses All, there's no thing for it to know. It's a bit hard to english here. I'll probably work on this some more in my brain that is quite happy to have things. There is also possibly some logical/semantic/heuristic flaw that I'm missing. But at least for now, I'm too close to see it if it's/they're there.