February 9th, 2007



So, it seems that the glasses really are a hit. Tonight at the Grind, I saw two people, neither of whom have seen me for over a year; since before I got the new glasses. Both of them mentioned the glasses and that they look good.

At work, the Friday before I was to leave to Portland for training, I couldn't find my new glasses, so I wore my old ones. I was told by either two or three of my co-workers that I needed to find my new glasses since now that they were used to the new ones, they could see the vast improvement of my new glasses over the ones I was wearing that day.
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As some of you know, I am almost always wearing silk shirts. I figure if "they" are going to force me to wear clothes, the clothes should at least feel good. The only way that I can afford this is to buy them at Value Village for $5-$10 each. I wondered why there were so few light coloured shirts and it occurred to me that they would be more likely to be stained past salable value. Thankfully I didn't stain this ecru shirt.