February 14th, 2007


Glasses found! Very tired lately.

My glasses were found! Somehow they were tangled up with a chair that was leaning against the back of the TV. When klicrai grabbed the chair to sit down, they fell on the floor. Very odd. But I'm happy that my glasses have been found. This has also forced me to confront something about myself. One of the biggest reasons that I was missing my glasses was due to the number of compliments I got on them. I also have a new prescription, so my vision is clearer. But I have to accept that it's more the first reason than the second. This says that I'm a bit more vain than I really thought of myself as. Hmm.

Also, I landed on my butt after falling about halfway down the stairs and it's been a bit painful to sit for very long. I think this is rather disturbing my sleep. I'm tired. I go *thonk* soon.
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