March 20th, 2007


Being with Myself from the Equinox to Samhain

It started being the Equinox at 17.05 (5.05p) PDT today.
As part of that and in support of getting centered again and what I wrote here:
I had to first get the concept through my head that I'm not centered. You'd think it would be rather obvious. Unfortunately, I've found that I can't get centered with other people too close; I pull them in and the barycenter lies outside of myself. That's not a good thing for me.
I am forging a relationship with myself and only with myself from the Spring Equinox to Samhain (the morning of November 1st).

One of the problems that cindygerb and I are having is our selves blending too much into each other. This might not be a bad thing, even if it's different than what both of us have said throughout our relationship except that we seem to be enhancing each other's negative emotions much more than the positive ones. I need to regain my own sense of self become centered again.