April 12th, 2007



I heard from the loan officer today and I was told that I'm unlikely to receive approval for the home equity loan although that's not definite. This means that I'm moving out, likely rather soon. But I haven't looked for a place to rent for a very long time. What are the resources that people use? Is there a good online resource?

I'd like a place with at least two bedrooms with parking, near or in Seattle, and easy to get to the freeway. This means that places such as Lynnwood, the Eastside, Ballard, West Seattle, etc probably wouldn't work. Hot tub would be nice but that's a frippery. I know there are lots of other things I'm forgetting but well, I'm forgetting them so I can't mention them, can I?

Things Forgotten
  • Price: around $1000 or so. Less would be nice but things seem expensive; I could possibly do more but I might trim things from my wish list instead.
  • Pets: I won't have pets at first but I expect to have some later.
  • Open to house sharing with the right people
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