June 27th, 2007


Housewarming on 7/7/07 at the New Place

I've mentioned it a few times but I keep not posting about it. I don't know why. mokie_sassafras reminded me and so now, I am posting.

There is a housewarming on 7/7/07 at 2.07p. That's 7 hours and 7 minutes after 7am. It will last until everyone leaves. Bob and I reserve the right to kick everyone out so that you have to leave though. RSVP for directions.

There are thoughts of breaking in the fire pit in the backyard, there will be games, food, and fun. Bring any of these that you'd like. Kids are welcome, so if you're kid-phobic, you might have to deal.

We'll have a whiteboard or butcher paper or some such for folks to come up with ideas so we stop calling this The New Place. So, bring ideas too.

Hope to see you soon.
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