September 5th, 2007


Status on me and my trip

I've obviously arrived safely. I got in rather late since the plane from Philadelphia to DCA needed to have its tires replaced. It was bad enough that they took the people that were going to some connecting flights off and sent them on a different plane. Then when we got there the baggage carousel that our baggage was to come in on was broken and there was much confusion over which of the three remaining carousels it would come in on. It was going just fine and suddenly the belt stopped and didn't stop moving. I don't know how long that took since I my bag was right in front of me when it stopped. Yay!
I'm driving a '98 Trailblazer with good airconditioning. Originally I was to get a Taurus so that I'd have enough head room but I was told that I had a free upgrade and they gave me this. It works. It looks like someone either put an SUV in the dryer on high heat or just melded a small minivan with a bronco. I'm not sure which is more correct.

I realized that I'm going to be flying home the evening of the 11th of September. Other than Cindy's birthday and International Orgasm Day, it's also a special day for flying in a commercial plane. Should be interesting, possibly more interesting that I want it to be...

My dad seems to be doing somewhat okay. He can talk and move just fine but he got a vacuousness about him that he never had before. He's also lost a lot of weight. I don't know quite what this means. We're going in for a memory test Wednesday morning. Well, he is and my mom and I will be there with him. I don't know what the test will show. Hopefully we'll find out. They've not been able to tell my mom anything about what's happening so I don't know more now than I did before. I'm at least pleased that I was able to pleasantly surprise him with my visit.
It'd be nice if I could get some sleep so that I could be conscious when he goes in for the tests.

I'm looking around at my parents house and I really see where my packrat tendencies come from. My parents have all sorts of nifty things but there is a lot of it. I'm amazed. I'm taking pictures too. I'm helping out in the yard and I'm helping my mom with her computer. Things are going well.