September 13th, 2007


Still feeling a bit down

I'm still feeling a bit down. Some of the possible contributors to this are obvious. Another contributor is that a friend of mine is no longer working with me due to bureaucratic stupidities; I saw him last night but still I miss him. I'm a bit confused by this sadness since it's not presenting itself in my normal ways. I don't seem to be feeling directly sad but more apathetic and tired. I try laying down but I can't nap for very long; I get antsy and have to get up.

I had started to comment more on people's journals when I was in DC but I just don't seem to be raising the gumption for it. I notice that fewer people seem to be coming to gaming night and other events and I wonder how much of that is related to me and how much is related to people just having busy lives and not having enough time to come be social with me. I wonder if/how the first and second sentences are related.

A few friends have pointed to the answer portion of this column. I had a rather strong negative reaction to it which seemed rather odd to me. So, I've been looking at it more and trying to figure out why I had that reaction. There definitely seems to be something about the spiritual hunger about me. I need to define it more though.

These are just a few thoughts that nowhere near define the memespace around my feeling down. But they're the ones that are coming up now. I'm recording them so that I can look back at them later and possibly free up some headspace for other thoughts to come in.

I'm hoping/expecting that going to the Grind tonight will help. It usually does.
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