October 5th, 2007

electrical play, fay


I seem to be much more social and playful since Sunday. This is a good thing. I seem to be adjusting more to our household at TELS. We now have rhonan, rundesnettes, and myself in the upper house and klicrai and beamishboy in the downstairs apartment. I don't know that having everyone in the house is leading me to do better but it certainly helps a great deal.

A problem though is that I seem to be a bit more scattered. I think the increase of energy has come in advance of the increase in control of that energy. So, I've done two rather stupid things this week. One was on Monday and one was on today. If I see you in person, I -might- tell you depending on my mood. I don't know when that control will be coming but I will act as if it is here already so that when it shows up, there are pathways for it to reside in comfortably.