October 18th, 2007


Sick? Allergies?

I've not been doing the best since Tuesday night. I doesn't seem to be sick since I have none of the hallmarks of sick such as tender lymph nodes or something else the wind blew out of my brain. On the other hand, the symptoms, other than the eye-itchiness, didn't act like allergies either. I left work early on Tuesday. Was completely out of it on Wednesday until about 3p with occasional disruptions from work and have been mostly with it in a recovery mode working at home today. The eye-itchies are gone and the general and specific body aches seem to be done with. Hopefully, I can continue in this vein.
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How to handle Household chores

We're discussing how to handle the various household chores at TELS and have found two options so far.
  1. The Shiny Economy from Plan B. Anyone have a link to this? I was looking around and didn't find it.
  2. Chore Wars. I know a number of people have been using this. I'd be interested in opinions if you're willing to share.
Any other options that folks have come up for larger households is quite welcome.