January 29th, 2008


What exactly is your spiritual path?

A good friend of mine asked me, "What exactly is your spiritual path?" and I came up with the following response. It came out well enough that I wanted to post it.

Trying to pin down my spiritual path is in some ways similar to trying to pin a spiritual path on a wolf. I don't really have a defined path. It's very syncretic as I find what works for me and what doesn't. I can't really say that I have "belief" per se, just a working knowledge and an experience of spirituality. There are large elements of neo-paganism, lots of taoism (accidentally), hunks of skepticism, and still some spiritual Christianity from my upbringing. The accidental taoism is just what I've found that works and I was told later that much of it is very similar to taoism. My doses of Christianity have more to do with having "Jesus in my heart" from a spiritual sense and nothing to do with the Church.