May 8th, 2011


Pies and Pints tonight

Went to Pies and Pints to celebrate Brennan's birthday. I'd been there once before but it was about four years ago and I don't really remember it.

The crowd was gregarious and we moved around a lot. The wait staff took this in stride and dealt with us never really being in the same place twice. The lighting and the seating were both pretty good and it wasn't too loud.

I had both the Battered Fish & Chips and the Classic Chicken Pot Pie. The fish and chips were quite good, better than I get most places, properly english battered. Perfect to me would be for it to have more curliques and such in the batter but it was very good. The pot pie was just about perfect even if it seemed a bit small. It was filling but I still wish it was larger.

What was truly surprising was that I rather liked their porter, Dick's Lava Rock Porter. I usually like beer to be thicker but this was good enough for me to have a second glass.

All in all, we had lots of fun. Met up with a number of people that I know and even met some new nifty people.

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