Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
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Touch-averse, redux

So, in reading the responses to my post on touch-aversion last night, I realized that I need to address one issue and I'd like to mention one other. This will sound like tooting my own horn mainly because it is.

I'm very aware that many people have strong boundaries in regards to touch. Being that I don't generally understand these boundaries, I am very careful to keep from crossing them. I've been told that I am good about seeking permission for touch (incl. hugs) even from people that I've known a long time. This has actually given me the impetus to find a comment made by vamp_ire and put it on my userinfo page here. So, yes, I know that some people don't like touch and I -do- ask before touching.

The way things are going at work, I'm going to post this and get to the second part in another message.
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