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Updates on various things

For one, I need to do more than just write updates. I don't want this to be the "What happened to Torin lately" journal.

We've picked up Sally from the hospital. She's very glad to be with her people but is rather annoyed at the e-collar she has to wear. But until she does attempt to nip at herself, she'll need it. We need to keep her confined for now and I'm going to sleep with her tonight. Her leg splays out sometimes but she seems to be using it well.

For the X-windows box, I found out that I needed a newer power supply that has a four prong connector that goes directly onto the motherboard labeled "CPU Power". Since the CPU doc didn't say anything about it, I assumed that it wasn't needed. So, I can get the system up past the CPU boot. Unfortunately, now it hangs at the RAM check. It's supposed to be able to handle having DDR266 RAM with a 333MHz CPU but I described my problem to one of the PC Techs at work and he suggested I try the faster speed. So, I'll try getting that tomorrow. If that still doesn't work, the system will be open to those with more experience in such matters to see if they can figure something out.

P.S. I know that stati is -not- the plural of status but *I* find it amusing.
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