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Generalized updates

I have to say that allergies suck and having your medications help you forget to eat sucks even more. Now that I've eaten three rather small baked potatoes, I'm feeling much better. My muscles still ache and my voice cracks but at least I'm mobile.

I got the X-Windows box up again. Even though I didn't think it could be, it turns out that it was the video card as well. Bleh. Hardware.

Now that the X-Windows box is up again, I expect that I'll be posting a bit more. Especially since I don't go back to work until next Monday.

After the Birthday/Solstice/Birthday, cindygerb and I took Saturday off from everything. On Sunday, I cleaned up apples in our backyard (thus the allergies) while Cindy was at work and then we went to a small actual Solstice rit. Yesterday, I took off dead and today, while I made it into work, I was in no shape to go to Third Place Books.

Sally seems to be healing but the analgesics seem to've finally worn off, so she's in pain at times. I know that she'll be better eventually but it hurts to see her in pain.
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