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Pointers of pain

A collection of sites that I have "issues" with.

The Grand Canyon is only a few thousand years old!
This makes my teeth hurt. Not only is the NPS selling a creationist book but have also "blocked publication of guidance for park rangers and other interpretative staff that labeled creationism as lacking any scientific basis." I'm flabbergasted.
Unpacking Unitarian-Universalism
This is a scary site. An Evangelical Southern Baptist takes a good and intelligent look at UU's and suggests methods by which to convert them to Evangelical Christianity. Statements like
You can not challenge a set of beliefs unknown to you, and it is very difficult to advance someone's thinking if you do not know where to begin.
show thoughtfulness and reason. While it would make it more interesting to argue about topics, I like people promoting beliefs antithetical to my life to be stupid.
Jesus Loves You Sandals
If I found evidence of these, I think I'd just be annoyed.
Buildings of Disaster
Possibly if these weren't quite so expensive, they'd be cool as kitsch but at $95 each, they seem a bit pricey. I find their choices of disasters a bit odd as well. (OJ Simpson car chase???)
Ruminant Feed (BSE) Enforcement Activities
Found this through a comment on metaphorge's journal. Feeding mammalian protein to ruminants has been prohibited in the U.S. since August 1997. It's rather disturbing that almost four years later, 76% of the protein renderers were "out of compliance". The whole BSE thing bothers me muchly and makes me wish for an educated consumer.
Overthrow of the Monarchy
In this one, it isn't really the link that pisses me off but really what the U.S. did and got away with. An apology resolution was passed but I don't see much more than that happening in the current political climate.
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