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I don't do that many political posts anymore. I don't have the time to really keep on top of it and I don't have the intestinal fortitude. I found that when I was doing it regularly, I was staying in a generally pissed off mood. So, I'm leaving it to others who -are- more dedicated such as metaphorge, technoshaman, and vidicon.

In light of recent developments, some might think that it is a good idea to lay low and not attract notice. After all, with the powers the feds are taking to themselves and giving to LEOs, one could easily get disappeared.

While it might be a good idea, it's not something that I can do. When presented with such things as the g-men are taking, my natural inclination is to buck against it. This might be some explanation to the troubles I find myself beset with. I think it to be better to be disappeared rather than doing it to myself. If one keeps their head low and makes sure not to make waves, then the feds have won. They operate in secrecy and with smoke screens. Their agendas can't stand the fire of widespread public opinion. This is why the Patriotic Act II (the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003) died.

So, pieces of that are being put into other legislation. If I remain quiet, I'm doing their job for them. They'll have to drag me kicking and screaming if they want me...
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