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What? He's posting?

Taking time for livejournal posting rather than just commenting.

Went to the Grind last night and had a good time. I couldn't quite get into to the music but it was therapeutic nonetheless. I couldn't find any dance appropriate shorts, so when I got there, based on a comment by a friend, I took off the shorts and used my pouch to hide my pouch. I was told it was cute. After being pinged for sitting on furniture without a towel under my ass and the pouch clip digging into my hip, I threaded a towel through the rear of the pouch strap and covered the clip.

One of the super cute guys there had a really cool leather cover for his hair that snaps a long braid with a hook and snaps down over the hair. I've been told that it is available at Eagle Leather in Tacoma.

In other news, a friend is having a party on Saturday to play games at her house that should include things such as Fluxx and Munchkin.

Note that I use "friend" above since neither have given me permission to post their names or lj ids here.
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